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About the stages of the implementation of the famous Artichokes project

A project that has collected a large number of reactions and feedback in our social media accounts. It inspired me to take a digital tour of the wonderful customer's apartment. Exactly in this apartments my creations came to life.

A project that clearly demonstrates that our studio is a showcase. You can come to us with one request, and leave with a completely different one, inspired by what you saw.

The technical assignment from a young married couple was as follows:
1. Create an abstract panel, not figurative.
2. Show a strong man and a tender female aspect.
3. Make the panel personalized, tied to their life history.

This project is absolutely unusual for us, why?

This bas-relief was decorated with a magnificent restaurant "MOST" @most.restaurant in Borovichi, standing on the banks of the Msta River.

Initially, we were given a certain freedom in choosing the plot. The task was the follows ‑ the theme should rhyme with oriental motifs of interior decor: a picture in the bedroom, lamps in the form of water lilies made of brass. Actually, we hooked on them, offering a lotus flower as a character.

Several panels of Kimart studio in one project.

After we told about them on our Instagram, many similar requests came to us and continue to come to this day. But we always pedal the line of a unique panel, so we offer our customers to take a similar route in search of new forms.

A small panel in the restaurant MOST. Bas - reliefs ‑ it's not always about classic stucco. Taking our customers by the hand, we guide them into the world of modern artistic vision. A world where, in addition to plaster, innovative materials can be used to embody ideas, where images carry their own history, convey philosophy, and where each of your ideas can be implemented qualitatively and stylishly.

A selection of exciting forms in exclusive projects.

I created the panel "Branch" in August 2015 in the cottage village "Millennium Park". It was with this project that I first began to put something more into the bas-relief, filling the work with meanings.

The project is notable for the fact that in order to achieve the result, I launched a synthesis of modern digital technologies and traditional analog, manual ones.

The design of the nursery is a huge responsibility for the artist. The child will live with this image, it is an imprint in his memory, in consciousness, in the visual series.

We created 7 art objects for the event agency @bureaumagoo for the presentation of the company @simplewine. The theme was dedicated to the vineyards of the Rhone Valley in France. It turned out very effectively.

Creative project

Extreme geometrization, subordination of the composition to rectangular rhythms ‑ all of this is about the project "Three Comrades", realized based on the paintings of the world-famous artist Olympia Zagnolli.

The original TOR consisted of several theses: Moscow, water, Art Deco. In the course of the work, the thesis "Moscow" disappeared, and water and Art Deco became the head of art. Inspiration was drawn from the works of the genius of this style — Edgar Brandt.

A large-scale bas-relief measuring 6 meters high and a meter wide. The project was inspired by colonial Art Deco.

About working with modern materials. Yes, not only plaster is used in our art!

Panel for the winery "Myshako" in the Krasnodar territory and its secret. Who is Lenya B. and why is his name hidden on the panel?

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