«French fleur»

Why is it called "French Fleur"? Everything is simple. Designer @gracheva.design created an apartment design where she incredibly accurately reflected the customer's charm of France, Paris. That is why frescoes with Parisian motifs, openwork details, a large amount of light and a delicate color scheme appear in the space.

The plot we took is inspired by the Paris exhibition and the works of Lauren Collin. I already wrote about her when I shared my vision of trends in bas-relief for 2022. Lauren made a furore in the field of design with her paper technique 3 years ago, and we moved this trend from paper to plaster.

The French fleur became a project that incorporated the experience of previous panel ideas developments. I always openly say that each customer at the stage of creating sketches helps us to collect a large number of ideas in the process of approval and edits. If these developments were not implemented in the project for which we made them, then they will definitely continue their life in another project, they will find their connoisseur.

For me, as an artist, this is incredibly significant, because I know that any of my ideas will definitely be realized on a scale and leave their mark.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak up in such a unique space @gracheva.design.

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