The Bug is my manifesto as an artist. He literally rests his horn and rolls his dung ball the size of his ego, filled with torments and passions. And the name "BUG" has a double meaning. This is both a "bug" and a "mistake" (computer slang), which refers us to the eternal doubts of the artist: "What if everything I do is just a ball of shit? And do I swing it in the right direction?.."

A meticulous entomologist will exclaim: The rhinoceros bug does not roll a dung ball. Especially with a horn! It is rolled by scarab beetles, and then with their hind legs."

The corrosive culturologist will be outraged: "Burn you in hell! The scarab in Egyptian mythology is a symbol of the rebirth of life, because its larvae are there."

But I gave this work exactly my sacred meaning.

The Bug — iconic art. Working on it was associated with very difficult emotional experiences, which I coped with by sublimating the situation in this work.

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