Simplewine ‑ integration of plants into bas-relief

"In April, we performed 7 art objects for the event agency @bureaumagoo. It was a presentation of the company @simplewine at the Shchusev Museum. The theme was dedicated to the vineyards of the Rhone Valley in France. This unique place is a real mecca of gastronomic tourists.

In order to quote the theme on the central panel, which, according to the idea, will become a photo zone at the event, it was decided to take as a basis the contour of the provinces stretching along the river and feeding their vineyards from it. I showed relief through the isolines.

The team and I also inverted the landscape to disguise the idea more. The remaining six objects, carrying the function of index plates with the names of premium wines, supported the general motif with isolines and formed an ensemble of the main art object.

Technically, when painting, we wanted to turn to furniture technologies, but then in the end we used acrylic, deep matte paint. The result is absolutely architectural, mock-up graphics. The barely noticeable, velvety shagreen in the finish was nobly different from the artificial silky gloss of kitchen facades.
This nuance is visible only in person. In this project, I once again saw how the finishing material sets the tone.

After the works were supplemented with light and plants, the whole composition began to play. An amazing team game of florists, lighting designers, and, sculptors. We plan to continue using the technique of integrating plants into the bas-relief, we want to implement something grandiose in each project. How do you like the end result? It seems to me that it turned out very effectively and stylishly."

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