«Exciting forms»

"I was prompted to this post by a funny comment under the post about the panel "The Beginning". Scrolling through the Instagram posts just below, you would probably see the phrase "the sculptor is straight - it pleases." Honestly, I smiled when I received the notification.

From the very beginning of my creative career, I turned to exciting forms. Orchids, flowers, calla lilies, all these works led me to the fact that the universe gave me a major project with a purposeful request to create work with female lines. This is, of course, about working with @elenaskutova on a project in the restaurant "MOST". Subconsciously, I have always been drawn to the languid haze of sexual curves and it is a real pleasure to embody them in large projects.

Absence of sharp corners, relief, femininity, and smoothness. In the gallery, I attached the panels that once began the history of the series "Exciting Forms". Somewhere it turned out accidentally, unconsciously. And somewhere I deliberately left a hint."

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