Lenya B. was here .

"This is the line located on the panel for the winery @myskhako.winery . This Easter egg (Easter egg is a secret in a computer game, movie, or software, laid down by the creators) in a few days excited the entire audience of my profile and made me wake up from winter melancholy. So what is the correct answer?

"Myshako" is considered one of the oldest wineries in Russia. Deep history has left its own amazing trace of the past, which I decided to definitely reflect on in the panel. After all, it is their own meanings, history, and values that make each customer's art object special. When I was on an excursion, which I went to in order to search for visual images for sketches, I learned that the Myshako winery did not stop its activities even during the Great Patriotic War, when fierce battles were taking place on the Small Earth.

In 1943, the command post of the head of the political department of the 18th Army, then Colonel Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, was located in the cellars of the winery, where he also presented awards and party tickets.

31 years later, in 1974, a tasting room was built on the territory of the Myshako winery specifically for the arrival of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. This hall still keeps on its shelves samples of bottles used to pour wine in the USSR.

The way winery delighted me with the preservation of its historical values. It resonates with me as an entrepreneur and business owner. I kept my delight and carried it through the whole process of creating several panels for @myskhako.winery. The art object "Barrels" reflected exactly this part of history, so significant for the winery and the village of Myshako."

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