«Fountains», art Deco

"The art that shone the least in our profile and whose finest hour has come right now. This stunning Art Deco panel of the 30s was made at the request of Maria Bahareva @maria.bahareva.

I enjoy working with Maria because she always knows what she wants from the project, and with amazing accuracy puts the squeeze on her result and vision. Here we tame our creative ambitions, taking the position of a good tool. A Stradivarius violin— if you like. Without a talented musician, composer, or conductor, the instrument will remain a thing in itself. Moreover, you can also play a Murka on a Stradivarius violin in a pub. That's the importance of context!

The original task consisted of several theses: Moscow, water, Art Deco. In the course of the work, the thesis "Moscow" disappeared, and water and Art Deco became the head of art. Inspiration was drawn from the works of the genius of this style — Edgar Brandt. His works adorn New York skyscrapers and are the hallmark of the Art Deco trend. With our valuable expertise, we realized Maria's well-thought-out idea and played a great part in her symphony orchestra.

By the way, the fountains were born for one customer, to whom we previously created the famous panel "two planes", "double stars", thereby stretching our handwriting through the projects in a single line.

Yes, there are diametrically opposite models of interaction, when they just come to us and say "you are artists, we don't want to discuss anything, invent, coordinate, create a work of art" and trust all the processes from and to. But this is a completely different story..."

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