«Cosmonaut» for the children's room

"The design of the children's room is a huge responsibility for the artist. The child will live with this image, it is an imprint in his memory, in consciousness, in the visual series. I am aware of the importance of such orders, because the pictures that arise in my head most often come from childhood: a pattern on a carpet from a room, a cartoon, books.

I, like our customer, am almost the same age. Both were born in the Soviet Union and, like any boys of that time, dreamed of becoming cosmonaut pilots. Do you remember how these professions were poetized? The only thing that stopped me from realizing my dream at that time was the assurances of adults about constant physical education, without which the goal could not be achieved.

To my question "why is the theme of cosmonautics?", and not Marvel heroes, the customer said that he wanted to instill the right values in children.
And indeed, the topic of space is very relevant now. She has become much closer now for us and our children.

Space tourism, new specialties related to the study of matter and life in zero gravity, new technological possibilities of space exploration. The aspirations of mankind through the conquest of new worlds (colonization of the Moon, Mars) to unite in solving a super-task, to get away from the value systems of the consumer world.

Yes, the reference was found by our customers on the Internet. We have only implemented it in volume. But I was hooked by the romantic image of a faceless, abstract cosmonaut (not Leonov or Gagarin). The airplane is a reference to childhood. This is a metaphor – what dreams lead to."

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