There are such projects that take place in one breath. For example this one, in the context of the company, passed like notes.

The marketing department, having collected data from the SMM specialist on the popularity of posts, made creative and advertising on the artichokes panels, renderers that the visualizer had previously created. The tautologist has set up ads for the target audience. The sales department accepted and processed applications, recording everything in the CRM. According to the hottest application, the head of the production prepared a commercial offer and we took part in the tender. The Head of the sales department worked out the objections and brought the application to the transaction. The artistic director prepared sketches. The Head of the production made a schedule of work and purchased the material. The production cast the blanks. The sculptor started working on the background. The artistic director made edits and coordinated them with the customer. The installers mounted it. Accountants conducted the contract.

Once I did all these cycles myself, without realizing it. Like all solo artists. Now knowing all these iterations, and understanding what instructions and KPIs are needed, I boldly delegate it.

I also would like to note that it's the system that provides such a service and copes with such a volume of orders.

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