«Flower No. 1»

"The history of my professional career is full of not only successes, but also fuckups. Reading about some ups in the 21st century is no longer interesting, being open with your audience is much more important.

10 years ago, I created my first flower, which spread all over the Internet. I wanted to combine the plastic of a flower, veil, smoke, fire in a single abstract image. I remember dozens of plot options were offered.

Finally, the customers agreed on the sketch, the flower found life and fell in love with everyone. But sometimes the desire for improvements can play a cruel joke. ⠀

An offer was received to "decorate", they say, the flower is poorly visible during the day. I immediately explained that it was better not to implement such an idea. That in daylight it naturally dissolves into space. That the bas-relief is not the only accent in the interior and it should not pull a blanket over itself. That only low relief is highlighted by tinting, but here outstanding volumes and all plastic tasks have already been solved. I stood to the last and they kind of listened to me.

I received an invitation to come and photograph the work again when the interior is ready. I don't know what prompted me to take a few pictures before leaving - probably intuition.

When I arrived at the facility some time later and saw my work, I was speechless. The customer hired an "artist" who "decorated" the flower. With a light wave of his hand, the elegant and stylish panel lost all its magic and turned into a disgusting mess.

Today, remembering this story, I have formulated two conclusions. Then I took the principled pose of an artist-creator who refuses to make concessions. Now, as the head of a creative and very service company, I would put a lot more intentions to save the client from a fatal mistake. Would make a sample in color, for example. Now we have this standard practice when dealing with such issues."

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