«Double stars»

Sometimes meanings are loaded to visual images.

According to the assignment, we had to perform a bas-relief based on a compositional solution from the architect. The style was clear, Art Deco, and the theme was space, the universe. Also, a hint of the infinity sign should be given between the two spheres.

I felt that the composition was filled with symbolism and meanings, but I could not formulate them to the last. It was clear that these were celestial bodies, but which ones? The sun and the moon as the opposition of day and night?

There was even an idea to play a reference to the George Lucas universe and "Star Wars" here, making the spheres two battle stations — "Death Star", and among the surrounding stars to weave stylized "X-Wing" (rebel fighters. Fans will understand), i.e. to tell this saga in the language of Art Deco, about how good overcomes evil.

But then such a simple and clear image came — these are star couples. In the universe, stars orbiting each other can form binary systems. But this unification can be destroyed by a third passing star. Or one star may swallow up another. And not every star can find a mate and then her fate will quietly go out alone... In general, everything is like people.
So the project found its romantic subtext.

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