«Three comrades»

"To perform a work that is distinguished by the characteristic color scheme of the world-famous artist Olympia Zagnolli @olimpiazagnoli in plaster is an interesting task. When we saw the works of Olympia, an associative row with Kazimir Malevich immediately surfaced in my head and from him to the constructivists.

Having carefully studied the artist's works, we began to reason not as sculptors, but as architects of the Soviet avant-garde, using their methods. It was decided to rely on the creation of convincing volumes characterized by rigor, conciseness of forms, and monolithic appearance. This extreme geometrization and subordination of the composition to rectangular rhythms allowed us to find the necessary stylistic solution.

Despite its external simplicity, the project turned out to be unusual and spectacular. Especially the result of the labors was revealed on the birthday of the studio when a professional concert light was displayed in the space. Then I saw how color lighting works with planes and volumes. The bas-relief began to play in a new way."

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