«Peacock and Deer»

"A 3-year-long story: The Peacock and the Deer panel

Today I want to share with you a special project. This bas-relief was made for the architectural bureau "Bakharev and Partners" @baharev.ru and it became our first joint work. The history of the project began in 2017, but came to a logical conclusion only in 2020. Then we went through all the stages of preparation: we picked up sketches, made a large sample in a soft material, approved large, small and plastic... Everything went on hiatus for two years for technical reasons.

As soon as the project became active again, we completed the work in a short time. To be honest, the panel is unusual for me, at least because of the large scale. Just imagine, 6 meters high and 1 meter wide. Even in our high studio it was extremely difficult to settle down. To keep the composition, I had to painstakingly lay out everything on the floor and look at the work from a height.

As a creative person, I turned to the origins of art and drew inspiration from colonial Art Deco. He took the French palace of Port-Dore as a standard. This building has an interesting history, it was built in 1931 for the Paris Colonial Exhibition, after its completion, the permanent colonial museum is located in the palace. The architect of the building, Albert Laprad, relied on Art Deco to emphasize the union of antiquity and modernity. The chopped manner, all kinds of textures, leaves — all this helped me to put together a single picture in my head and bring it to life.

The panel became the dominant in the interior, it was it that tied a huge two-light space with a height of 7 meters with a powerful vertical.

The history of this project once again showed the strength of my team. To mobilize again, after a long period of time, to finish the work in a record month and a half and keep a composition of this scale is a sign of professionalism."

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