«Two orchids»

This project is absolutely unusual for us, why?
The answer lies in the background of sweat. I admit that I was a little worried about the implementation, simply because of the lack of character. It's always feels horrible to produce something common, behind which the individual handwriting will be lost. Once Vasily showed the De Gournay collection, after which I realized that the result would be quite interesting and not typical. The result that you see in the photo is proof that my team is as flexible as possible and open to experiments.

The panel was created according to the Italian reference, but in order not to copy and add individuality, I changed the composition, mirrored the flowers and worked with plastic job. Anticipating possible questions, I immediately answer, the art object is completely made of gypsum material.

By the way, the panel is implemented in the format of a painting, such a solution is now gaining popularity, as you may have noticed from recent projects. Buying a bas-relief on an independent surface is a step towards creating your own cultural heritage. The work is not tied to the space, it is mobile and, if anything, it will move to another room together with the owners.

When I received an order to create two orchids, I remembered about the flower that we called "Survivor" in the studio. Why? It was the only orchid of the three presented by my friend, which almost died, but still survived and bloomed when I changed the studio. I filled the rest of the flowers with water, and as it turned out, orchids are very whimsical in this regard. Apparently, the plant clearly shared with me the delight of the new studio and found the strength to bloom further. Therefore, the orchid for me carries its own meanings and memories, which I was inspired by before I started the project.

It was a real pleasure to work on this object, the customers clearly understood what they wanted, so each stage took place in one breath: the coordination of sketches, manners and plastics, colors. "Two orchids" have absorbed the energy of their creation and glow with lightness and warmth.

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