Object for the exhibition ARCH‑Moscow 2020

"For modeling, I often use such a soft material as styrofoam. It is from it that I create sketches, and samples, and also use it as an intermediate material from which we subsequently remove the forms.

It's cool to work with styrofoam for one simple reason - we don't sculpt it, but cut off the excess, it's so technologically advanced. The trace of the knife that remains on the material is very characteristic - there is one clean-cut, almost calligraphic, and there is one that resembles a cut in a rock. All this is akin to sculptural calligraphy, one movement is enough and the volume is already visible. I actively use this material as an author's technique. So in one of my works, made two years ago, I created two street art objects in the form of rhinos made of styrofoam.

When @stmk_pro invited me to participate in the ARCH Moscow, in collaboration with @cultprosvet_ @housepartner.global, @perirussia, I realized that the combination of rough concrete and texture realized on expanded polystyrene would be ideal for the exhibition. By the way, such a technique is easy to translate, both into gypsum and acrylic stone.

The current art object uses the image of layered rocks that seem to hang over the viewer. The floating effect is created by LED strips @cultprosvet_, from the outside it seems as if the rock formations are torn from the wall."

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