«7 lotuses»

"Initially, we were given a certain freedom in choosing the plot. The task was as follows - the theme should rhyme with oriental motifs of interior decor: a picture in the bedroom, lamps in the form of water lilies made of brass. Actually, we hooked on them, offering a lotus flower as a character.

Looking at the layout, I realized that the panel occupies a central place in the space, but its specificity is such that there are only two advantageous distant viewpoints: from the dining room and the exit from the private area. And basically, it will be perceived from a very close distance, or they will generally be sitting on the couch with their backs turned to the TV. This means that large volumes are not needed here. The panel should be well-read both from afar and from 30 cm. Therefore, each character of the composition should be placed in a wide field of view, be self-sufficient, and be elaborated.

This dictated the development of the composition - "solid" (this format is also called carpet filling), without obvious dominants.

All these factors formulated our TK inside the studio:
1. the elements must be carefully worked out with fine plastics for detailed consideration
2. the relief must be made low so as not to cling to it in packages on the way from the corridor to the kitchen.

That is why it is so important to take into account when choosing a theme, plot, compositional and plastic solutions, not only light sources, stylistics, but also the planning solution of the space."

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