«Fluttering Silk»

This art is definitely my mentoring victory. The dynamics of the line is well reflected on the Silk panel. Several fundamental issues are being solved here at once, which I touch upon at the master classes. When working with art, technique and accuracy in its execution are important. When I talk about sinusoids, amplitudes and periods at bas-relief master classes, I get the feeling that I am lecturing on a mathematical topic.

We actively used the principle of working on "Silk" (shifting sinusoids) in the "Dragon" panel on a small piece of 30 cm. This technique, developed by me over the years, I tell at master classes. Now our sculptors under the guidance of Andrey Nugaev are successfully implementing it in exclusive projects.

The result you see is proof that with the help of words you can achieve tremendous success. My personal and great victory as a teacher is the ability to convey my thoughts correctly. For me, the very realization that I can teach is important. To direct a person to the desired result only through speech.

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