Panel «The Beginning»

"The panel "The Beginning" is saturated with exciting forms and is covered with a light haze of sexuality. This work has found its home in the restaurant MOST If you remember, the leitmotif through all the bas-reliefs inside the space is the image of the Antelope Canyon.

To implement the idea of designer @elenaskutova and embody eroticism through soft lines and hints is an interesting task. I think that we confidently managed to achieve the desired result. This is the main task of my studio to show that bas-reliefs are not always about classical stucco. Taking our customers by the hand, we guide them into the world of modern artistic vision. A world where, in addition to plaster, innovative materials can be used to embody ideas, where images carry their own history and convey philosophy, where each of your ideas can be implemented qualitatively and stylishly.

If you have long dreamed of adding an accent to the interior in the form of a bas-relief, it's time to do it. Just write to me in Instagram's direct and I will advise you on the cost of individual order and the timing of implementation."

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