"I created the panel "Branch" in August 2015 in the cottage village "Millennium Park". It was with this project that I first began to put something more into the bas-relief, filling the work with meanings.

The work is executed on the end of the balcony, which overlooks the second two-light space. During the development of the sketch, I started from abstract forms and the image of a flying haze, but after negotiations with the customer, we came to a plant plot through which I decided to turn to family ties, traditions, and the spirit of the house.

Taking as a basis the family history of two loving parents and their three children, I embodied two branches and three flowers in plaster. Since the younger sons are twins, two flowers are made similarly, I made the third bud larger and dissolved it - it symbolizes the eldest daughter.

I really appreciate family traditions and ties, so this project is important to me. I love when people fill their homes with history, share energy with them, leave their special signs that give strength as soon as you cross the threshold of the ancestral nest."

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