Small-circulation collection

We have created a special collection: animalistic reliefs, flowers, smooth lines and abstract panels — all this, an ageless classic that meets all the requirements of our customers and is available for order at any time.

The size of one fish is from 9 to 22 cm .

Size: 13 - 22 cm wingspan.

Size: 13 - 22 cm wingspan.

The diameter is 35 cm.

The diameter is 56 cm.

The diameter is 56 cm.

Size: 61 x 41 cm.

Size: 88 x 44 cm.

The diameter is 43 cm

Size: 100 x 150 cm

The diameter is 56 cm.

Size: 57 x 77 cm.

Доставка рассчитывается дополнительно. Самовывоз: г. Москва, ст.м. Полянка.

Size: 50 x 50 cm.

Size: 365 x 305 mm.

Size: 420 x 1080 mm.

Size: 1200х600х40mm, 5 Kg.

Size: 600х500х30 mm, 2,5 Kg.

Size: 1200х600х55 mm, 5 Kg.

Size: 1200х750х50 mm, 6 Kg.

Size: 1200х700х50 mm, 6 Kg.

Size: 1180х580х25 mm, 15 Kg.

Size: 1180х580х27 mm, 15 Kg.

Size: 1180х580х40 mm, 20 Kg.

Size: 1175х570х30 mm, 16 Kg.

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