«Asia-2: Enjoy the silence»

So it happened with Asia-2, initially we proceeded from other references. We received a request to create a herd of horses based on a painting by the artist Jean Dunant. We coordinated the plot for a long time, I did a lot of work on creating sketches, layout, made a sample in the material. All that remained was to meet with the customer and present the final version.

Day X came, the designer came to the studio together with the customers — a married couple. The man's gaze fell on Asia-1 and it changed the whole course of the project. Of course, we held the presentation, but then we got a call and were told that the horses were gorgeous, but Asia-1 does not leave my thoughts, I liked it so much and hooked.

Paying homage to the original message, we realized a herd of horses in the corner of the panel, leaving a reference to this incredible story of falling in love with art at first sight.

Sculptor: Vasily Isakov

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