The size of one fish is from 9 to 22 cm .

L'AQUARIUM is a limited collection of adaptive interior decor. A conceptual project at the intersection of art and decor. Invented by the fashionable Moscow sculptor Leonid Kim. The collection allows anyone to introduce new dominants into the interior, change the zoning of the space and refresh the design without the help of professionals.

Adaptive decor is a type of interior decor designed by Leonid Kim in 2020. Meets 4 mandatory criteria. Firstly, all the elements are created with the academic precision of the classical sculpture school. Secondly, this decor is designed with the expectation that it can be fit into any interior. And therefore it does not belong to any style. Thirdly, adaptive decor serves as an accent in the interior, but this effect is achieved solely due to vivid imagery. Fourth, the installation should be so simple that a person with any level of training can handle it. Without any tools. Moreover, the elements of adaptive decor can be attached to any surface, and it does not need to be prepared for this in any way.

The L'AQUARIUM collection includes 3 different plaster fish made in the best traditions of academic sculpture. Complex voile plastic combined with simplicity of form and pure color makes the fish from L'AQUARIUM an elegant accent in any interior.

- Decide on the location to which you want to attract attention in the interior, or think about how exactly you want to zone the space
- Create a composition from them using our memo
- Spend 7 minutes on the installation of each fish
- Enjoy the result!

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