Y. X O.

The diameter is 56 cm.

You are the Object-X!!! This is the main message and the deep meaning of this project. The outside world is the environment. Sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly. The environment consists of substance - information and the context in which we exist, emotions and moods, irritating or, on the contrary, pacifying factors. Each of us is a hollow object -X - a kind of sphere. Behind our shell, the environment is seething, raging, drenching us in waves. It fills our emptiness by pouring in streams through the senses. The ear, the eye, every nerve ending and receptor is an opportunity for the environment to fill the sphere, making each of us its own part.
E.A.R is a special project. One of the few non-objective, abstract works. The main creative task is to evoke emotions in the viewer by transferring the plastic of the auricle located in the center of the composition and the dynamic, restless environment outside, as well as to reflect the idea of interconnection, the surrounding external environment and the inner world of a person.

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