Calla Lilies

The diameter is 43 cm

The Legend of the Calla Lilies

I have told you more than once about the legend of the Сalla Lilies, but I have never published its finale. Now you will learn a touching story about the symbol of family happiness. Yes, this is what the Сalla flower represents.

A long time ago, when the gods had not yet descended to people, a beautiful goddess fell in love with the son of a tribal leader. They started seeing each other secretly. But soon the father of the goddess found out about their feelings and forbade them to meet. The girl did not submit to his will and stealthily tried to meet her lover. Her father found out about it and punished her daughter – made her invisible.

Even being invisible to her lover, the goddess continued to come to him. The young man collected all the most beautiful flowers in the area to weave a cape for his beloved and see at least her silhouette. As soon as he threw a floral robe on the goddess, they bitterly burst into tears. The tears of the beloved touched the father, and he lifted the curse.

A cape of flowers fell to the ground and after a while wonderful flowers sprang up at this place, which in shape resemble a garment made by a young man. Since then, Сalla Lilies have been a symbol of family happiness.

The set consists of three panels. You will be able to create a composition of them to your taste and show the individuality of your vision. Fill your home with the energy of a symbol of family happiness.

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