Flower and Hummingbird

Size: 50 x 75 cm
Duration: 3 days for 6-7 hours

This is a combination of two master classes - "Flower" and "Hummingbird", which has the characteristics of both, but in a smaller volume. The anatomy of a bird is simplified on the master class. Fine texturing is being worked out. A flower of a small size is performed with the analysis of all tasks, as in the master class "Flower". The work is completed in an unpainted state. Master class feature: independent layout of all panel elements.

This master class is divided into the following stages:
The formation of the main volumes of poultry.
Formation of the main volumes of the flower
Elaboration of wing feathers
Elaboration of flower petals
Formation of additional plant elements
Decoration, putty of vegetation and birds
Benefit: -30% of the total cost of both master classes

31700 р.

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