Size: 50 x 75 cm

Duration: 1 day for 6-7 hours

At this master class you will learn how to correctly position the spot of the composition, analyze the rules for the distribution of the object according to plans, learn to understand the plastic of the pen, understand its structure, the main components. Construction of surface fractures characteristic of the shape.

Structure of the master class:
1. Composition
2. Tools used in the work. Safety precautions
3. Surface preparation and treatment
4. Types of bas-reliefs and their
5. Composition, spot composition
6. Formation
7. Working with gypsum putties
- Stages of application of the material
- Applying the first layer
- Medium, small plastic
- Texturing
Rules: "Reverse angle", "Plastic curve", "Work in the direction of volume movement"
8. Painting. The work is painted in a specially
selected complex pink color.

17000 р.

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